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Event Painter

An Event Painter with Experience

Hannah Paints Events has done fine event painting for over 200 different events. These have ranged from weddings all the way to fundraisers. When you hire a live event painter you want to make sure you're working with someone who has the experience and skills you need to translate your event into a one-of-a-kind artwork. Hannah Paints Events is an event painter that goes beyond the simplistic and uninspired painting that has come to be associated with some live event painters. She is a live event painter that has been studying painting for years and is an accomplished artist in her own right.


Her gallery of paintings she has accomplished for hundreds of satisfied couples, event organizers, and institutions attest to the quality of her artwork.


Event organizers and wedding planners need to know they're working with a fellow professional. When it comes time for the big day of the wedding or the night of the important fundraiser, event organizers can't be worried about their services falling through. They've got too much on their plate to worry about anything else. That's why hiring an event painter that is experienced and has the receipts to show it has a value on its own.


To find out more about having a live event painter at your next wedding, fundraiser, or other events, get in touch with Hannah Paints Events today.

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