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My Studio

My good friend Jenny (@jennyjohnsonphotography) takes photos better than the average bear. She took some pictures of my art room in our home last week and I love them. My first art studio was at Baylor University up a spiral staircase and on a rickety balcony inside and overlooking the rest of the art room. It is still one of the most special places. The studios that followed were in my garage, someone else's garage, a building on 118th and Broadway in Manhattan with a flickering light and window view of a brick wall about 16 inches away, and an old warehouse. And while all of those spaces are important to me, this art room inside our home with AC and lots of natural light has been a childhood dream of mine finally come true. Since I was probably seven I've been imaging this room in my head. Now I get to walk into it every day. Walking into this studio each morning has not lost one ounce of the joy it held for me the first time I stepped inside.I am forever grateful of this little room.

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