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I love capturing the details of a wedding. Every wedding may have the cake, the flowers, the dress, etc, but each wedding is still unique and special. While I typically don't personally know the bride and groom it is always so neat to me how the party they have planned seems to always reflect the people they are. I feel like I can learn so much about their personality, their character, and their love simply by standing in a room they have decorated for this one special night.

I have always loved sharing the finished paintings at each of these events, but I was lucky enough to have my good friend Jenny Johnson (@jennyjohnsonphotography) come along with me this time to capture the beautiful details of the reception that make up my finished work!

This wedding celebrated the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Wright and was held in the POURING RAIN at the brides family ranch in Roundtop, TX. It was a night to remember, and I loved being a part of the celebration!

Thank you @jennyjohnsonphotography for being an amazing photographer...and a pretty exceptional friend too! And Congratulations to The Wrights!

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