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Wedding Painting

Create Truly Unique Memories with a Wedding Painting

Wedding planners are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight their clients. When a couple gets together with family and friends to celebrate a union that will last a lifetime, they expect to have an experience that will be equally unique and fantastic. Living up to those expectations can be a challenge for even the most experienced wedding planner. Having experienced wedding painters capture the event is the best way to make sure that your client’s wedding is a unique experience that they will be talking about for the rest of their lives.


Live wedding painters capture the spirit of a wedding and it's guests in real time. The couple and their guests will be thrilled as they watch their wedding painting come together right before their very eyes. Live wedding painters don't work in some far-off studio, they work right at the wedding and often in the middle of the action. Wedding guests are enthralled as they enjoy a beautiful evening and get to watch an accomplished artist translate this magical night into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Weddings are about making memories and building connections with the people we care about most. A wedding painting uniquely captures the essence of the celebration and brings together the atmosphere in a way that other mediums do not capture. Enjoying the experience of having a wedding painting created before the couple's very eyes is an experience that they will cherish forever. Getting to watch a professional artist work and incorporate wedding guests and the night's events into the painting is an experience that they won't soon forget.


If you are currently planning your own wedding, or you are a professional wedding planner putting together the dream night for your client, Hannah Paints Events is available for weddings no matter where they're located. Get in touch with her today to find out more about her event painting services and how a wedding painting can help make the big day even more unique and memorable.

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